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About Us

Wooden Fairies is a private garden suitable for all your special occasions. Celebrate your special moments with an intimate ceremony in our garden surrounded by beautiful flowers and lawns.

Our story
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Private Garden

Wooden Fairies is a private garden nestled at the edge of Sai Kung town, 7-minute walk from Sai Kung Pier. We draw inspiration from the Nordic forest valley and garden to create an environment that embraces nature yet is warm and cozy. 

Our biodiverse garden is overflowing with life and has over 50 different plant species blooming all year, attracting wild birds and butterflies to inhabit it.

Our signature pondside garden ceremony brings out the beauty of the endless majestic mountainous background of a dusty blue cypress merged with a turquoise pond. The leaves change with the seasons and paint the landscape with a different brush, creating a unique experience for every special moment.


Contact us to receive all our latest news and we would love to hear more from you.

"If you're looking for a secret garden, here might be the best place for you!  "
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